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I write...

Because lighting up a candle
is more useful than cursing the darkness.
And if you were to ask me,
"What darkness, in this time of enlightenment; in this age
of scientific miracles and technological progress?"
I would tell you: traveling the Earth has
unlocked my mind and opened my heart,
onto a light I have not seen.
And when I went back home, I looked for it.
I found it, buried in the basements of derelict libraries,
where forgotten and disowned books were covered with dust.
And when I climbed back up to the surface,
Everywhere I looked I saw darkness
increasing in darkness!

it might be the other way around.
Perhaps it was travel that blinded me from the light that always was.
But if that was true, then Gibran and Said,
Ibn Rushd and Descartes, Lao Zi and Xenos,
Spinoza and Rumi and all the prophets and messengers, too, were blind.

The gains of travel is not my evidence.
For perhaps I am the blind, and you are the seeing.
Perhaps the darkness I see, is a bright sun in your sky.
But what if you are the blind and I am the seeing?
The final verdict lies in the mind;
The master of truth; the negator of ignorance.
Read and ponder, then judge for yourself.

If you do not see what I see,
then save us.
Douse my candle with the waters of truth,
Before other wandering minds succumb to darkness.
But if your sky gets darker,
As mine has,
And if my candle gets brighter,
Then stand by my side,
And next to my candle, light up
Another candle.

Oday Baddar

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