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IV - Access to the Truth

It is our grasp of causality, our wiring, that enables us to understand these very words, to reason and deduce and perceive with the eye of the human mind. And just like the number of numbers between 1 and 2 is infinite yet simultaneously bounded by 1 and 2, we must now come to understand that although the possibilities of our creativity and imagination are infinite, they are still bounded by our wiring.

Submitting to this fact is not an intellectual defeat, but an acknowledgement of truth. To submit to this fact is humility, an ethic rarely practiced and so badly needed in our modern era. Take for example the concept of intelligence. Isn't the ability to survive and adapt a sign of intelligence? How well have we fared thus far as a species? With the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons and our seemingly insatiable desire to devour all of the earth's resources and pollute our air, land, and water in the process, all of which have led to increased rates of cancer and disease, many intellectuals are not very optimistic of our chances of surviving much longer. Compare this with how a being like a tree lives. With the light and warmth of the sun, it spends its day splitting molecules of Carbon Dioxide within its soft leaves, transforming carbon into wood and releasing Oxygen back into the air, so calmly, so quietly, so peacefully, with a survival expectation that far exceeds our own. Are we still so sure that our species is the most intelligent?

This humility, if we examine it a little further, has led to the same truths that our wise ancestors had reached in their meditations, only the semantics of expressing those truths have naturally varied from era to era, from place to place. With science we dug deeper and deeper, only to rediscover through quantum physics and modern astronomy what our wisest of ancestors have concluded long before: that the world is an illusion, that the difference between "something" and "nothing" is much smaller than we can imagine, and that there is an indestructable power behind the curtains. Some still call it God, and others today call it energy: "It" cannot be created nor destroyed; "it" is everywhere and in everything, even inside of us; "it" is invisible to our senses; "it" is not made of matter, rather, "it" generates matter; and "it" has always existed and always will. We don't really know what "it" is exactly, but we know through reason and science that "it" necessarily exists.

Causality, the source of all our discoveries, inventions, progress, and civilization, continues to lead our minds into the same walls that our ancestors found themselves bouncing off of, only they used different semantics and analogies to describe those walls. That we are limited is not only a matter of subjectivity, but also of objective truth. That this world is an illusion is not an opinion, but truth. That we are a social animal and our survival as a species depends on our cooperation, fairness, and love, is also truth.

One of the great mistruths in our era is this widely-spread idea that the truth has different versions, depending on, among other things, how an opinion is formulated, which led some very intelligent people to even believe that there isn't any objective truth. This idea is a decoy created and promoted by savvy politicians and interest groups of all backgrounds to (1) avoid direct confrontation and (2) to promote apathetic compromise, in order to achieve political gains. For how else can they break their opponents if their opponents believed that their position was based on the truth?

Another great mistruth, and just as deadly, is the idea that truth is truth only because someone believes it to be so. And that the stronger or the more devout their belief in it, the more true it becomes. These "blind believers" are uncompromising and proud to be uncompromising on a belief that is based on "so and so told me so," like an ignorant child who believes that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole just because papa told him so. These people come from all kinds of different backgrounds and schools of thought, but are united in one common denominator: they have chosen to shut down the function of causality that has been wired into their minds, either because they grew up in an environment that promoted intellectual laziness or that scared them from free thinking, like when clergymen or Big Brother (usually both) warn them from childhood that thinking about the dogmas they have been brainwashed into believing is a crime that will not go unpunished in this life and/or the next.

From what preceded, therefore, we should understand that the objective truth is not something to be shoved down people's throats, but is something to be discovered, deduced, reasoned, tested, analyzed, recognized, realized, and understood. No discription or narration of a movie can be as accurate and real as watching the movie itself. Similarly, no one can walk you or walk anyone else into the truth, because the realization of the truth can only take place within one's self. The one who knows the truth can only help by pointing to the door that leads to "it."

Knowing the truth will set one free; free from any untruths. At that moment, one would realize an understanding of the words "the power of knowledge" that goes much deeper than semantics, poetics, and rhetorics; an understanding that surpasses theories and manifests itself into real actions that shatter obstacles of all sizes and forms and of every aspect of life; an understanding... to self-actualize.


Oday Baddar
August 12, 2013.
Memphis, TN, USA.

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